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Ring Collection

Luxury Bar & Restaurant Furniture: table + chair + stool
2007  |  Pistoia  |  Italy

Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: Giovannetti Collezioni
Consultants: Giovannetti Collezioni Team
Status: Completed

The great Henry Moore’s sculpures inspired the essentiality of the Ring series. An idea born as a hommage to the great English Master who changed the world of modern art. Bar and restaurant furniture: table – chair – stool owe their lightness to large holes in the sides, that become a suitable place for bags, magazines or small objects. Realized in double color polyurethane with either a rough or smooth finish and the possibility to choose different combinations of colours to match the general style of the surroundings. The height of the objects may be regulated to suit the user’s needs by pressing a button that activates an internal gas piston.

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