New High Line System

Date: 2003
New York (USA)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: Friends of the High Line
Consultants: Schüco International
Status: Competition

Designed as a muscular fibre, the Fibre throbs, flexes and outstretches through Manhattan giving new life and innovative solutions to the borough. The 400 arc sections of the structure enrich the city with new services, water gardens, green areas and dreams become true. The Fibre connects urban areas, implementing facilities and realises a promenade so as to enjoy the new energies of Manhattan. Fibre comes to life as consequence of the agregation and interchange of its cells inside the functional tissues. The Fibre’s nervous system displays information and connects visitors to the different cells. The activities in the cells of Fibre will be the most variegated, changing from indoor to outdoor. Shopping, art galleries, green gardens and waterfalls will make the promenade a big attraction. The transport system is organised with covered and open air public footpaths plus a modern and light capsule which takes visitors through the Fibre.