12 April 2022

MySkaut partners with the Giancarlo Zema Design Group to design Smart City Drone Systems | Chicago | USA

Formenton Security Group and XtraMedium Communications, through their MySkaut venture company, partners with the Giancarlo Zema Design Group to design innovative urban furniture systems for the Smart Cities of the future capable of managing public and private security by means of video surveillance drones.

In the coming years, the best technologies in the aeronautical field and the greatest investments at global level will be concentrated in the Drones sector (UAM) for data management, control and security of Smart Cities. The challenge will involve the best high-tech companies able to provide products and services by combining eco-sustainable technologies and high design to make the life experience inside the new cities of the future safe and engaging. Formenton Security Group (FSG), an FAA certified AI UAS operator of ‘always-on site’ technologies & UAM Cybersecurity designer and XtraMedium Communications, a Chicago based civic tech design & architecture consultancy for city managers and property developers have created MySkaut Urban Air Mobility Company and are bringing great changes to the security market. MySkaut, UAM Integrator & operator, is normalizing commercial low altitude airspace (CLAA) services by making UAS capabilities routinely accessible and affordable to businesses and consumers. The goal is to combine security guard intervention and innovative aerial robotic safety systems with logistics structures such as VertiKo – Smart Landing Pole for drones designed by Giancarlo Zema Design Group and built by SmartKo. The combined system maximizes security operations and captures details often missed during after-action investigations. Trespassers and potential perpetrators are monitored and tracked in real-time without causing risk to a client’s operation and staff. MySkaut enters into a partnership with the innovative architecture studio Giancarlo Zema Design Group in Rome, known for its eco-sustainable projects, smart city design solutions and a pioneer in the design of vertiports, solar-powered roofs and smart street furniture. Holistic approach, use of eco-friendly and human-friendly technology merged into a unique and emotional design are the basis of the total design service of the Giancarlo Zema Design Group. In a short time, cities around the world will see more and more drones in their skies, both for freight transport and to ensure public and private safety. MySkaut will make all this possible in terms of Cyber Security and Management Software also thanks to their background with the internal Urban Air Mobility think-tank and consultancy – NASA AAM and FAA Advanced Air Mobility Advisory. Now, with the cooperation with the Giancarlo Zema Design Group, the vertiport/vertistop and security drone nesting structures will also be developed in the most beautiful eco-sustainable architectural design to suite not only urban and suburban areas but also private home security.