WaterNest Village

Solar-Powered Floating Resort


Semisubmerged Hotel with Floating Suites

Jelly-Fish 45

Floating House with Underwater View


Floating Bridge Restaurant


Olympic Sailing Centre


Marina Yacht Club

Sea Urchin Village

Ecological Floating Resort


Soccer Exhibition Centre

Trilobis 65

Eco-Yacht with Underwater View

Poseidon 180

Aluminium Superyacht


Corian Exhibition Space


Corian Exhibition Space

Recyclable Planet

Cardboard Exhibition Space

Sea Urchin

Steel Art Installation

Lotus Collection

Solar-Powered Urban Furniture

Underwater Design

Furniture Design Exhibition

Anemone Collection

Armchair and Sofa

Moss Collection

Outdoor Furniture

Bright Woods Collection

Backlit Wood Furniture

Ring Collection

Bar & Restaurant Furniture

Leaf Collection

Corian Furniture

Octopus Collection

Corian Lamps

Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Innovative architecture practice based in Rome, specialized in eco-sustainable projects, semisubmerged architectural structures, marine parks, floating habitats, yacht and interior design. Founded in 2001 by the architect Giancarlo Zema as a dynamic and flexible organisation, it covers the entire design process, from concept to the executive details.


15-17 October 2019

EXHIBITION | Light Middle East | Ginkgo Collection by Giancarlo Zema | Dubai | UAE

11 September 2019

LECTURE | Barocco Contemporaneo by Giancarlo Zema | Palazzo Moroni | Bergamo | Italy

21 May 2019

WORKSHOP | A day with Giancarlo Zema | Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera | Milan | Italy

23 March 2019

LECTURE | WaterNest – A possible architecture by Giancarlo Zema | H2O Architecture on Iseo Lake | Italy

20-21 March 2019

LECTURE | Floating Hospitality Experience by Giancarlo Zema | BTO11 The Smart Edition | Florence | Italy

5-7 March 2019

EXHIBITION | Middle East Electricity | Smart City Design by Giancarlo Zema | Dubai | UAE


We use advanced technologies and design software, which allow us to project and calculate different planning solutions. With the use of computer-aided design systems, we can create 3D models, prospective views and renderings, producing a full layout presentation. This offers the client all the necessary information on the project before the realization.


The main characteristics of our design are soft lines and organic shapes that clearly recall biomorphic forms. Our design is so highly futuristic and unconsciously attractive.


We are continuously the subject of television programs, radio interviews and important international publications in architecture and design magazines and books that recognize the power of our innovative style.


The Architect

With constant personal research, kept alive with by his endless passion for architecture and love for soft shapes with clear biomorphic references, the architect Giancarlo Zema expands onto new architectural horizons and boldly blends architecture and design into innovative projects that are impossible to catagorise in pre-existing schemes.


Get in touch

Feel free to get in touch with us. Our technical team is at your complete disposal for any further information to start your new project. We are looking forward to hearing from you.