13 October 2021

SOLAPAVE partners with GZDG to build innovative vertiports using a new generation of PV panels | Worthing | UK

Solapave, a British company leader in the production of special photovoltaic panels, has patented a product capable of producing more energy, recharging electric vehicles wirelessly, providing dynamic luminous signs and, thanks to the coils under the glass, melt the snow on the surface. Dominic Mangles, Founder and CEO Solapave: our latest generation photovoltaic panels will be used within the Solar-powered vertiport projects signed by Giancarlo Zema Design Group (GZDG). In the future, the ever-increasing development of video surveillance drones and electric passenger drones will require new intelligent wireless charging systems, thanks to Solapave all this will be possible. Giuseppe Carusi, Partner and Project Manager at GZDG, we have already included the new Solapave PV products in our eco-sustainable vertiport projects such as Baobab and Hamamelis, sure to bring even more technological innovation to our architecture and design projects. A more exciting and sustainable future awaits us.