13 October 2023

CONFERENCE | Renewables / Hydrogen & Nature | Hydrogen Infrastructures by Giancarlo Zema | Senate of the Republic | Rome | Italy

Rome, 13 October 2023, 9.30 am – Conference in the Senate: RENEWABLES / HYDROGEN & NATURE – Projects and innovations – The state of the art on the development of hydrogen in Italy. On the initiative of Senator Antonio Trevisi, at the Senate of the Republic, Palazzo Giustiniani, Sala Zuccari, Via della Dogana Vecchia 29. Speakers: Senator Antonio Trevisi (Environment Commission), Introduction; Dr. Alberto Dossi (Chairman SAPIO Group), The role of hydrogen for the energy transition; Dr. Andrea Bos (Chairman Hydrogen Park), The Italian hydrogen park – System infrastructures; Eng. Angelo Minotti (CEO MIPRONS and MIEEG), Space propulsion and miniaturized energy generators; Arch. Giancarlo Zema (Chairman GZDG), HydrogenForest and DROP – Hydrogen Infrastructures; Dr. Marcello Merlino (Chairman Paulownia4Planet), Paulownia – The tree of the future.