18 October 2016

Steel for Social – Sea Urchin by Giancarlo Zema | GangCity Convention + Workshop
Arsenale Nord | Spazio Thetis | Venice | Italy

The GangCity conventions and workshop program was formulated specifically to present the episodes of design excellence for the requalification of the urban environments. In these projects, steel guarantees rapid production, durability and long-life of the items created. The extremely high construction quality restores a sense of pride to this material. Steel is the perfect ingredient for long-lasting works of urban art in the chaotic, unstable cities. It can underline the cities’ identities and the intrinsic traits that generate positive mental states of appropriation and belonging. The themes examined are related to the application of good practises to allow full appreciation of this material’s intrinsic values. They will be followed by comparative examinations of sustainability, the diffusion of green technology and the promotion of conscious consumption. They are geared to communities oriented to innovation, through debates on issues associated with social inclusion and construction practises that can activate new processes to create community cohesion and belonging. The architect Giancarlo Zema talks about his steel work the Sea Urchin, exhibited in the outdoor area of Spazio Thetis during the GangCity events of Venice Architecture Biennial 2016.