20-21 March 2019

LECTURE | Floating Hospitality Experience by Giancarlo Zema | BTO11 Buy Tourism Online – The Smart Edition | Stazione Leopolda | Florence | Italy

The BTO11 Buy Tourism Online, presents: DREAM (AND SMART) HOTEL WAKE-UP CALL. SPECIAL GUEST PLANET MARS – What would happen if in the future hotels provided a mobile, relocated and fully automated service? How and where could we recover the human relationship and the territorial characterisation? What if they became a fun place to relax, work, reorganise your time and, even if you stayed there for just one night, they were the set of a fairy tale, an eco-sustainable nest that exploits the motion of the tides or a peripheral oasis of a big city? And this all in the name of respect for the delicate urban and natural ecosystem, in search of the perfect human psycho-physical balance. Just a moment, though… what if all this is already happening?