26 Giugno 2023

Giancarlo Zema Design Group wins the BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 | Staffordshire | UK

The Giancarlo Zema Design Group wins the BUILD ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2023, recognition organized by BUILD Magazine in (UK), confirming itself internationally as one of the most innovative and green architecture firms. (Photo by Lara D’Appollonio)

BUILD Magazine is proud to announce the Architecture Awards are returning! Now in its ninth year, the Architecture Awards 2023 is the place to showcase the best of the best in this industry. With an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, the Architecture Awards 2023 proudly showcases the firms who excel in their fields. From residential architecture, healthcare architects and interior design, BUILD Magazine can proudly say it examines every aspect of the Architecture Industry. Identical to other awards programmes within the BUILD portfolio, we reward the large and small firms on the same criteria. Our impartial in-house research team analyses each firm involved in this awards programme on their contributions and successes. We simply want to highlight those who go beyond the expectations and create something legendary.

BUILD Magazine understands the importance of the Architecture Industry and how it touches every single life. With architectural designs lasting a lifetime, creating something that stands out and can be recognised is extremely important. For this reason, winning an award that celebrates all your hard work is a fantastic opportunity. Who doesn’t want to showcase their success? Likewise, who doesn’t want to stand out amongst their competitors? A highly competitive industry, the architecture field contains many great firms and individuals. All who have made substantial contributions to the sector and all who deserve to be rewarded for their endeavours. The 2023 Architecture Awards can help display these top-performers on an international scale.

This is an industry that over the past couple of years has embraced the call for sustainability. Many firms are now creating green buildings and aiming to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. A worthwhile goal for all involved in this sector. By creating innovatively sustainable designs, architects alike are incorporating modern building ideals. Likewise, many architectural firms are utilising technological advancements to design and build. For this reason, BUILD also welcomes building suppliers and technology firms to take part in the Architecture Awards. A boldly innovative industry, Architecture is revolutionising the rules of design. With the power to change the urban landscape and create something that will last for the foreseeable future, the Architecture Industry is incalculably impressive. The people involved in this sector all deserve to be recognised for their hard work.