27 June 2022

DM-AirTech partners with GZDG to design Vertiports | Hamburg | Germany

DM-AirTech partners with The Giancarlo Zema Design Group to design the Vertiport of the future, safe and efficient thanks to aerodynamics and weather solutions.

In the coming years, the best technologies in the aeronautical field and the greatest investments at the global level will be concentrated on UAM / EVTOL (Urban Air Mobility / Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing). The challenge will involve the best organizations able to provide complete design-build services for the construction of vertiports, rich in content, eco-sustainable technologies and high architectural design to make the flight and mobility experience safe and engaging. DM-AirTech is a Hamburg-based aerospace company, a leader in the provision of weather analytics and solutions to passenger drones and air taxi operators from all over the world. They have now entered in a partnership with the innovative architecture firm Giancarlo Zema Design Group (GZDG) based out of Rome, known for its smart, eco-sustainable projects and a pioneer in the design of solar-powered vertiports with soft shapes and clear biomorphic references. A holistic approach, the use of eco-friendly and human-friendly technology merged into a unique and emotional design are the basis of the total design service of the GZDG. Cities around the world are getting equipped to leverage aerial mobility to increase logistics, health care deliveries and mobility. Safety of operations needs to be the highest priority. DM-AirTech brings its aviation certification capability to the world of urban air mobility to create an appropriate and future-ready technology framework to depict weather and wind behaviour in an urban environment and among city buildings to support the deployment of safe and energy-efficient flights in the most complex situations Dario Milani, CEO / CTO DM-AirTech: “With this partnership, we will apply our aerodynamics expertise to support the design of highly operable vertiports. Our solutions will help maximise wind regularity on the Final Approach and Take Off (FATO) Area. This approach has the will ulitmately help in reducing gust and turbulence impact on operations and increase vertiport throughput and passenger comfort.” Giancarlo Zema, CEO of GZDG: “Thanks to this partnership we will be able to identify the most suitable construction areas as well as to leverage hyper-local wind and weather intelligence for the planning and design of our tailor-made vertiports.” The future awaits us. DM-AirTech and Giancarlo Zema Design Group are ready to accept the global challenge that lies ahead and transform the dream of flying into a splendid and safe travel experience.