5-21 October 2013

MAEC Milan Art & Events Center | New Exhibition Gallery | Via Lupetta 3 | Milan | Italy | On show Anemone by Giancarlo Zema

The brand new Milan Art & Events Center will be opened at Via Lupetta 3, in Milan. The opening will see a Collective exhibition with artists from 12 countries around the world, together with the exposition of several valuable furniture pieces by collezione Giovannetti, the historic Italian company of sofas and armchairs, and the exposition of several creations by Oondesign. A grand opening event which starts Present Art’s season in Milan; Present Contemporary Art is an Italian-Chinese company which since 2004 has been working between Italy and China, started the first Chinese gallery in Florence, and then decided to move to Milan, opening a multi-purpose space which combines Art, Culture, Economy and innovative events. A window open from Italy to China and vice versa, but also a way to link two major cultures, to start a dialogue between two different lifestyles, whose meeting can be fruitful and create numerous exchanges. Only a few steps away from the Duomo di Milano, on a 300 square meters space, with three showcases, the Milan Art & Events Center is in dialogue with Present Contemporary Art’s gallery in Shanghai, which is located in the main shopping mall of China’s most known city of trades; Present Contemporary Art also organizes the Present Art Festival in Shanghai, which this year has seen its V edition under the patronage of the Chinese Minister of Culture, the Italian Cultural Institute in Shanghai, the Spanish Consulate in Shanghai, the Piedmont Regional Government, the Liguria Regional Government, the Genoa Province, the Genoa Municipality, the Florence Municipality and the Bilbao Municipality. The October 5 exhibition will be a major opportunity to meet the artists who are now part, with their artworks of photography, sculpture and painting, of the main collection of the gallery, which is nevertheless open to new initiatives and to promote talented artists. Collezione Giovannetti, the Tuscany-based company which, because of its origins, is the trait d’union between the opening of the Present Art Gallery in Florence and its future in Milan, will provide Milan Art & Events Center’s large spaces with their sofas, which already in 1972 became part of the collection of the MoMa in New York, curated by Professor Emilio Ambasz; the company has received the most prestigious Design awards, and their creations are exhibited in the collections of 13 contemporary art museums around the world. The event will also see the participation of Oondesign, the innovative company which will exhibit their pieces, result of merging recycling with design; pieces that should be especially appreciated in this period, in which the consumeristic era seems to have started its decline. During the opening, the welcome guests will have the chance to enjoy a tasting of Italian wine and food.