5 September 2019

CONSTRUCTION | Youna Garden by Giancarlo Zema | Panoramic Restaurant | Tehran | Iran

A work of social architecture as tribute to Iranian art and culture, with a fascinating and iconic design inspired by the traditional brick architecture and the copper domes of mosques. Today the complete architectural project including interior design is signed by the famous Italian architect and professor Giancarlo Zema who created the first Youna Garden in exclusive for Silk Road Stars – Youna. The Youna Garden service structure will be established in 100,000 different place in all countries where the Silk Road passes. Therefore, for a project of this magnificence, the magnates of science and art should play to create the Youna Garden. An architecture that wants to be a place of reference, of information, where to meet to have a coffee or get together to enjoy the delicacies of Iranian and Italian cuisine in total relaxation surrounded by greenery.