6 April 2022

Paulownia Piemonte and Giancarlo Zema Design Group consolidate the partnership to develop pioneering eco-sustainable homes to live in the woods in complete symbiosis with nature | Torino | Italy

Paulownia Piemonte, the first Italian non-profit organization that deals with research, development and promotion of the Paulownia tree, signs an agreement with the innovative architecture studio Giancarlo Zema Design Group in Rome to develop and promote new housing types in bio-architecture with the use of 100% made in Italy Paulownia wood (from the production of seedlings to the use of the final material). This is the plant that absorbs the most CO2 in the world, up to 10 times more than other trees. It holds the record for the fastest growth, usually in the first year of life it reaches up to 5 meters in height and its ability to absorb carbon dioxide allows it, in full maturity, to store over two tons of CO2. Co-Founder Merlino: “Together we plant and build the future but quickly, there is no more time to waste, we have lost too much of it. The challenge is now to offer the possibility of experiencing Nature in a new way and interpreting one’s own existence”. Architect Giancarlo Zema, famous for his smart and eco-sustainable architecture on the water with poetic and emotional forms, designs with the aim of saving and generating energy, allowing you to live in complete harmony with nature. Zema: “with Marcello Merlino and Daniele Berruti, co-founders of Paulownia Piemonte there has always been a profound vision of communion that has led us to work together on pioneering wooden housing units with a sort of arbo-sculptures to develop and promote a new concept of experiential eco-tourism- in the woods”. The President Dr. Berruti: “The future of living must also be increasingly” Green “and sustainable: in the choices, technologies, materials and emotions that it will be able to generate to experience a continuous state of psycho-physical well-being in harmony with the ecosystem that surrounds us: we must make people understand that it benefits not only the environment but also people’s health. This long-established collaboration is preparing to grow and increase its horizons rapidly just as Paulownia grows, a tree that has been present for millennia but still little known until a few years ago. Thanks to the experience of the Zema Group also in the field of bio-architecture, they will now be able to follow tangible actions”.