Lotus E-bike

Pedal Assisted Electric Bike

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White RAL 9010 + Green RAL 6018White RAL 9010 + Blue RAL 5015White RAL 9010 + Violet RAL 4008White RAL 9010 + Red RAL 2000White RAL 9010 + Black RAL 9011
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It is an innovative eco-sustainable, pedal assisted electric bike sophisticatedly designed by the architect Giancarlo Zema for LumineXence. The main aluminium structure is just one single curve starting from the front of the bike, to incorporate the pedals at the centre, before enveloping the back wheel concealing the integrated battery and the brushless BionX electric motor, which finally ends below the comfortable saddle. The maintenance-free cardan shaft transmits pedaling power accurately and silently. The large LED touch screen display also gives information on charge status, road systems and conditions and the nearest Lotus recharging points. A highly intuitive system and maximum comfort are the happy result of its extremely ergonomic shape and practical storage containers. The Lotus E-bike can be re-charged at Lotus recharging points, equipped with 8.7Mq (500x220cm) photovoltaic shelters with generating capacities of up to 1.2kWp. The six “bud” bike docks are the perfect design solution for recharging and parking individual E-bikes. Top-ups can be paid by cash point or credit card thanks to a special electronic system. >>RAL Colors

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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 170 x 55 x 115 cm

Green RAL 6018 + Green RAL 6010, White RAL 9010 + Green RAL 6018, White RAL 9010 + Blue RAL 5015, White RAL 9010 + Violet RAL 4008, White RAL 9010 + Red RAL 2000, White RAL 9010 + Black RAL 9011, Black RAL 9011 + White RAL 9010