AlberoAir Collection

Paulownia Air Purifiers

Date: 2023
Roma (Italy)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: DIRAC Nanotechnology
Consultants: Paulownia4Planet
Status: Realized

DIRAC Nanotechnology, launches AlberoAir Collection, the first family of air purifiers with an exclusive design in Paulownia wood to eliminate pollutants from our homes, workplaces, common areas, with style and in an eco-sustainable way. AlberoAir Collection is the first line of air purifiers which, thanks to its special nanofilters, maximizes the photocatalytic reaction effect. The specific alveolar geometry of the filtering system allows the maximum surface area of exposure to the ions, completely guaranteeing the purification of the air in a rapid, efficient and effective way. AlberoAir, in this way completely eliminates odours, harmful chemical compounds, allergens, viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, dust, mould, hair and combustion gases, quickly and efficiently.

The sculptural design of the AlberoAir Collection bears the signature of the Italian architect Giancarlo Zema, famous for his innovative eco-sustainable architecture and for his biomorphic design. His goal was to create a design that emulated the shape and breath of trees. Paulownia wood was chosen for the radial structure of the deflector blades, the plant that absorbs the most CO2 in the world, about ten times more than ordinary trees and with extremely rapid growth times. Two models of the collection are available: AlberoAir HOME, suitable for domestic use, to be placed on consoles and desks and then the SPACE version, larger for the office and coworking areas. The very natural and elegant design adapts to modern and contemporary furnishing styles. Furthermore, the internal LED system guarantees a delicate ambient lighting. All AlberoAir functions can be managed via App. to monitor air quality, purification mode, light intensity.

The URBAN version is also available on the market for indoor and outdoor waiting areas of large infrastructures: stations, airports, museums, etc. to give passengers and visitors purified relaxation areas in contact with nature. A large technological tree, under which you can rest, comfortably reclined on a large circular seat, equipped with individual electrical and USB sockets to recharge your technological devices. An oasis for psychophysical relaxation, enveloped in a bubble of purified air, the sounds of nature coming from the forest and the singing of birds, satisfied by the scent of wood and the view of the vertical greenery that forms the heart of AlberoAir. A sophisticated internal system extracts water from the humidity in the air, guaranteeing the self-irrigation of the plants, all energetically self-sufficient thanks to the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels placed on the top of the canopy.

The collection was created in collaboration with Paulownia4Planet, a brand that has been committed every day for more than ten years in the forestation of Paulownia woods – Their goal is to plant thousands of trees in the shortest possible time to give oxygen to our planet. For this reason, for each AlberoAir produced, a Paulownia tree will be planted so as to further positively offset our carbon footprint. In addition, our forests will be equipped with beautiful and comfortable bird houses and bee hives to accommodate permanent migratory birds and pollinating insects. Planting new trees means sowing new life and generating the possibility of a better future.