ANAS Green Island

Solar-Powered Charging Hub for Smart Road

Date: 2020
Cosenza (Italy)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: ANAS
Consultants: LumineXence + eVertiSKY
Status: Realized

The “Smart Roads” and the “Green Islands” of ANAS – National Autonomy of Roads Company, are among the revolutionary interventions implemented by the modernization program of the Italian motorway network. They are based on the evolution of the ultra-broadband (5G) network with the support of technologies such as “Artificial Intelligence” and “Internet of Things” for the control of self-driving cars, which involves an investment of about 1 billion euros over three thousand kilometers along the whole national territory, to be built by 2030. In particular the ANAS Green Islands, positioned every thirty kilometers along the Italian highways. Solar-Powered Charging Hub for Smart Road, PV charging stations for electric cars and solar-powered lighting. Design by Giancarlo Zema using Lotus, Pod and Stone collections by Luminexence a brand of MITAS Group. The Smart Road aims to be an enabling technology for the development of Smart Mobility and preparatory to future scenarios of assisted and autonomous driving of vehicles, for an increase in driving standards. The Anas Smart Road program will help equip the country with a digitally advanced and sustainable road network, ensuring greater safety and comfort for the user, efficiency of traffic flows and safety of the infrastructure. The Smart Road is an “intelligent road” on which vehicles can communicate and connect with each other. The goal is to facilitate transport thanks to the implementation of weather and traffic detection systems through which users can request information on road conditions, traffic and other particular situations in real time. Furthermore, Smart Road is able to provide infomobility services such as deviations of traffic flows in the event of accidents, suggestions of alternative routes, or on speeds for ever greater assistance to the user, as well as being able to intervene promptly in the event of an emergency.