Smart Hydrogen Vertiport

Date: 2021
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: eVertiSKY
Consultants: MIEEG + Solapave
Status: Ongoing

Hamamelis is the innovative solar-powered vertiport from which electric drone-taxis and vertical take-off aircraft depart, as “seeds” of a new way of moving, autonomous and eco-sustainable, promoted by the eVertiSKY company. Designed by the famous architecture firm Giancarlo Zema Design Group, it is inspired by the tapered fruit of the Hamamelis, a plant of Chinese origin capable of launching its seeds remotely to perpetuate the species. An eco-sustainable project with organic and emotional shapes with large photovoltaic surfaces, multi-function, contains within itself a series of common areas, reception, cafeteria, restaurant, exhibition spaces, surrounded by green outdoor areas, furnished with products and solutions for smart cities by Luminexence. The 80 m diameter steel and glass structure with aluminum panel cover opens upwards, protecting the landing platform for electric aircraft from the wind. The floor, with wireless charging, is made up of special latest generation non-slip photovoltaic panels, produced by the English company Solapave, capable of generating over 1.5 MW per day, which integrate inside LED plates for lighting and nocturnal signage. The vertiport is completely eco-sustainable and self-sufficient from an energy point of view because it uses renewable sources and above all thanks to the partnership with MIEEG company, it uses hydrogen combustion system to generate all the energy it needs, a world’s first. The Hamamelis vertiport, ideal both on water and on land, is born in collaboration with Manta Aircraft with their high-performance hybrid eV/STOL aircraft ANN2.