Lotus Collection

Solar+Wind-Powered Street Lighting

Date: 2018
Anagni (Italy)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: LumineXence – MITAS Group
Consultants: Sarti Engineering
Status: Realized

Inspired by the leaves of the lotus flower, the Lotus collection grows in the Smart Cities of the future to generate lighting in an eco-sustainable way, obtaining from the sun and the wind the energy necessary to work. The steel structure with variable sections accommodates photovoltaic leaves on top of 1.5 sqm capable of generating 200 W each, with vertical axis wind turbines in carbon fibre. With the Lotus collection, you can have a smart street lighting system using solar and wind energy. The 360° adjustable leaves allow the maximum possible sunshine to be obtained in all locations. The wind turbine also generates energy at night. Lighting is guaranteed by high power LED lamps with specific concentric lenses. In addition, an HD camera is integrated in the body for video surveillance. The pole becomes smart, thanks to the large optional touch screen display. Perfect for communicating tourist and advertising information, as well as for recharging smart phones. The Lotus collection photovoltaic canopy system has been designed to be self-sufficient and modular, so as to assume different configurations: small single leaf, double leaf, cloverleaf and medium and large leaf, for electric car or e-bike parking or charging stations. Inspired by lotus flower leaves, the Lotus collection of benches is expanding in the Smart Cities of the future to generate single and double seats with a pleasant organic design and infinite chromatic possibilities, with cuts to avoid stagnation from rainwater. Size L. 200cm W. 85cm H. 42cm.