Lotus E-Scooter

Solar-Powered Electric Scooter

Date: 2019
Anagni (Italy)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: LumineXence – MITAS Group
Consultants: Sarti Engineering
Status: Ongoing

Lotus is an innovative electric scooter with an attractive design by the architect Giancarlo Zema for LumineXence. The main structure in aluminum with a sinuous and elegant shape starts from the handlebar to get to the rear wheel through the large platform that allows you to rest your feet even parallel. The large LED touch screen display also gives information on charge status, road systems and conditions and the nearest Lotus recharging points. A highly intuitive system and maximum comfort are the happy result of its extremely ergonomic shape. The Lotus E-Scooter can be re-charged at Lotus recharging points, equipped with 8.7Mq (500x220cm) photovoltaic shelters with generating capacities of up to 1.2kWp. The six “bud” scooter docks are the perfect design solution for recharging and parking individual E-Scooters. Top-ups can be paid by cash point or credit card thanks to a special electronic system.