Cliff-House with Underwater View

Date: 2003
California (USA)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: SemiSubGeneration
Consultants: RLH Consulting Engineers
Status: Ongoing

Neptus is a cliff-house that has been made to live in harmony with nature. It allows you to completely enjoy the location next to the cliff, to look the sea and the wonderful underwater life. Designed by Giancarlo Zema for SemiSubGeneration the project refers to the old Neptusis, little amphibious shellfishes that lived in the sea 500 milions years ago. The project consists of four elements. The different floors are connected by a winding staircase that overlooks the sea, and by a glass lift. The living area as a circular building anchored to the cliff, it has a living room with a large terrace and a night time area with three bedrooms overlooking the sea and toilets. The Observation deck as a little hanging capsule at 20 mts above sea level. It lets you look at the sea in a comfortable and private place. A little docking allows inhabitants to reach Neptus directly from the sea and a small underwater globe in acrylic at 10 mts below water level, allows you to observe the sea life.