Ecological Floating Restaurant

Date: 2004
Maldives (Indian Ocean)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: EcoFloLife
Consultants: RLH Consulting Engineers
Status: Ongoing

The floating restaurant by Giancarlo Zema draws its inspiration from floating water plants with beatiful flowers. The circular structure (flower) of 18 metres diameter is interrupted by a distribution of 15 circular elements (petals) in laminated wood. The floating restaurant is articulated on three levels connected by a staircase which goes up a cylindrical structure (pistil) that includes the lift and the air duct. The restaurant’s ground-floor is composed of a floating space of 260 m2 with a kitchen, storehouses, services and can hold 100 people. The first floor is characterised by a more private space composed of a small kitchen with a storehouse for the preparation of simple dishes and by an internal garden. This level can hold 50 people. The brise-soleil system enables to use the external area also in condition of strong insolation. The underwater floor at 4 metres below sea level can hold 25 people.