Palm Pavilion

DEWA Pavilion | Solar Decathlon Dubai Expo 2020

Date: 2020
Dubai (UAE)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: DEWA
Consultants: ItalMesh
Status: Competition

The Design idea for the DEWA Pavilion within the SOLAR DECLATHLON event at Dubai Expo 2020, was born by imagining the self-sufficient and technological DEWA HOUSE as innovative architecture located in the Dubai desert. The DEWA HOUSE is surrounded and protected by a green oasis of palm trees, functional to the house itself. The design keeps the DEWA HOUSE autonomous in its identity as the beating heart of the DEWA pavilion and enhances it as an extraordinary eco-sustainable engineering artifact. With the vision of DEWA oasis, an imaginary landscape made of palm trees has been recreated. This imaginary landscape has been designed both as an intimate protection for the DEWA HOUSE inside and as a strong representative and iconic sign to visually connote the pavilion. Some of these palms materialize becoming real photovoltaic technological trees capable of making shadows and capturing the energy of the sun to transform it into electricity for night lighting outside the house or to recharge cars and electric motorcycles. The large main entrance has been engineered to allow people to enter the DEWA world comfortably. Visitors will follow a path made up of images and information on the technologies used to make the construction of the DEWA HOUSE possible in a completely self-sufficient and eco-sustainable way. Other large led display touch screens will enhance the learning of people about technological systems used in the House and about architectural models of SDME. This introductory path is preparatory to the internal tour of the house where you can discover live proposals in terms of space and technologies for the well-being of the planet. DEWA House’s narration starts from afar because it begins with the view of the palm tree engravings that enrich the entire external perimeter of the pavilion. Once past the main entrance, the visitor will be able to immerse himself in an emotional journey made of images and sounds on eco-sustainability and new technologies to save the environment.