Smart Sanitizing Gate

Date: 2020
Rome (Italy)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: Progestsan
Consultants: Metaldesi
Status: Ongoing

PURING Smart Sanitizing Gate is the first high-design product in the world able to sanitise in just 15 seconds, safely and completely, every user before they access various businesses: commercial, offices, hotels, restaurants, museums and gyms. The modern and elegant design by the Italian architect Giancarlo Zema for PROGESTSAN gives a hi-tech touch to public areas. PURING is an eco-sustainable and recyclable product, thanks to the aluminium structure and coatings with eco-friendly materials. The 360° sanitisation of the person occurs through the peripheral atomisation of certified sanitising solutions that do not irritate the skin, do not stain clothes and do not cause damage to objects. PURING is the only product that can also integrate the sanitisation of shoe soles through the vaporisation of sanitising solutions from the floor. In addition, direct atomisation also on the hands completes the cycle, ensuring maximum sanitisation of the individual. Another feature integrated into the structure is a thermo scanner that measures the user’s basal temperature in real time, and a video camera with specific software that verifies that the user is wearing a mask. The automatic people-counting barrier is raised, leaving access free only to users who have passed checks and completed sanitisation procedures. The structure is designed to be easily customisable in terms of colours and types of materials in total stylistic coherence with the commercial sector in which the sanitising product operates.