Qataf Tower

Telecommunication + Radar Control Tower

Date: 2021
Doha (Qatar)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: SmartKO
Consultants: Calzavara
Status: Ongoing

The 60-meter-high Qataf Tower is the innovative 5G telecommunication and radar control tower-sculpture, the only one of its kind to be built in Qatar on the artificial island of the Doha Cruise Ship Port, in front of the waterfront, the Corniche that extends for seven kilometers along the Doha Bay. The project by the Italian architect Giancarlo Zema for SmartKO a brand of Calzavara company is inspired in its shape by the tapered bud of Qataf, the national flower of Qatar that grows along the country’s coastline and blooms from March to May. It is not only a technical communication and control tower with the most modern VHF and radar antenna systems but also a magical place for observation and reflection with its café with a bidirectional panoramic view at 40 meters high, on three levels for a total of 200 Sqm, where it will be possible to enjoy an aperitif while admiring the sunset. The Qataf Tower aims to be the first high-design antenna tower capable of communicating to the world Qatar’s natural predisposition for technological innovation and a deep passion for beauty and art in view of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.