Smart Landing Pole

Date: 2021
Udine (Italy)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: SmartKO
Consultants: Calzavara + eVertiSKY
Status: Realized

The Smart Cities of the future need new control and management tools for the safety of public and private areas. Aerial control by means of video surveillance drones on intelligent poles represent the most innovative solution in the field of urban security. VertiKO – Smart Landing Pole, designed by architect Giancarlo Zema for SmartKO a brand of the Calzavara company. The drone with sophisticated infrared HD video camera system allows you to perform video surveillance of private and public areas on the move in complete safety and autonomy 24/7. The Drone is connected in real time with the command and control system through a high-speed communication network to achieve intelligent management with multiple modes and functions. The system allows the management of the drone from a remote command center with dedicated software or with a single operator on the front line to easily control the flight platform, thus eliminating the need for professional pilots using traditional RC remote controls. The 98% recyclable VertiKO structure houses and protects the drone like a cradle. The hemispherical shell protects the drone from strong wind, rain and snow, opening automatically before the vehicle takes off and then closes once the inspection service is finished. Holes at the base of the landing plate allow for perfect drainage. The luminous LED strip at the pole attachment allows night lighting of the area below. VertiKO’s roof contains an innovative spherical photovoltaic technology capable of obtaining concentrated energy up to 200Wp for wireless charging of the drone.