Holé Collection

Cardboard Wine-Set

Date: 2013
Bergamo (Italy)
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Client: Origami Furniture
Consultants: Origami Furniture Team
Status: Realized

Sculptured wine-set designed by the designer Giancarlo Zema for Origami Furniture. The name for the collection comes from the combination of the English word “hole” and the Spanish expression “olé – hurray..!”. A series of holes sculpt pure and essential shapes in an organic and playful way, generating cavities for accommodating precious bottles of wine, coasters, napkins and a bottle opener. An ecological triptych consisting of: a large bottle holder for seven bottles, a small bottle holder and a tray made of recycled cardboard. Designed to furnish innovative kitchens in a new and intriguing way.